Nature to Go (Grades K-8)



Hey teachers! Want to share LEAF with your classroom? Try out one of our Nature To Go kits. Each kit contains instructions and materials for a grade appropriate nature-related activity that addresses the state standards. Activities can be done at the Lake Erie Arboretum at Frontier Park (LEAF), your school or another location. The kits are designed for classroom teachers to give their students a fun and authentic opportunity to apply their knowledge of specific topics.

Grade Levels and Topics:

  • Kindergarten – Trees
  • Grade 1 – Organisms
  • Grade 2 – Lifecycles
  • Grade 3 – Rocks & Minerals
  • Grade 4 – Land & Water
  • Grade 5 – Environments
  • Grade 6 – Tree ID & Tree Measurement
  • Grade 7 – Watersheds
  • Grade 8 – Green Roofs

Contact the LEAF Program Manager for more information and to reserve your kit. Our thanks to Erie Insurance for their sponsorship of Nature to Go. 


Kits are available free of charge to public schools within the School District of the City of Erie. A $10 deposit is required, refundable upon safe return of the kit. For all other schools the classroom kit rental fee is $25 (includes $15 rental fee + $10 deposit refundable upon safe return of kit).

Rental period:

Classroom kit rental period is 3 weeks.

Field Trips:

Guided programs led by a LEAF educator, arboretum walking tours, and other special programs are available by request. Click here to learn more about our field trip options.